Plæy™ Archive

Index Title Client Date
Index:Proj19 Title:Warp Records Client:Warp Records Date:2018
Index:Proj18 Title:Emily Speed x Plaey Client:At a Library 2018 Date:2018
Index:Proj17 Title:COS Client:COS Date:2018
Index:Proj16 Title:Events Bar Client:North Bar Date:2018
Index:Proj15 Title:Planter Client:Kaktus Date:2018
Index:Proj14 Title:Florist interior Client:Moss & Clover Date:2018
Index:Proj13 Title:Membership display stand Client:The Hepworth Wakefield Date:2018
Index:Proj12 Title:Art Pod Client:The Hepworth Wakefield Date:2017
Index:Proj11 Title:Ghosthaus Client:Lord Whitney Date:2017
Index:Proj10 Title:Cafe interior Client:The Hepworth Cafe Date:2017
Index:Proj09 Title:Exhibition furniture Client:Pavilion Arts Date:2017
Index:Proj08 Title:Display panels Client:Yuck Print House Date:2017
Index:Proj07 Title:Bar and tables Client:Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen Date:2017
Index:Proj06 Title:Design studio furniture Client:Analogue Date:2017
Index:Proj05 Title:Explore & Draw unit 2 + 3 Client:The Hepworth Wakefield Date:2017
Index:Proj04 Title:Design studio furniture Client:The Common Room Date:2017
Index:Proj03 Title:Explore & Draw unit 1 Client:The Hepworth Wakefield Date:2017
Index:Proj02 Title:Design studio furniture Client:Studio.Build Date:2017
Index:Proj01 Title:Plaey LAUNCH Client:Colours May Vary Date:2017
Index Title Client Date
Index:Prod18 Title:Plant Stand Client:Earlies Date:2018
Index:Prod17 Title:Cup Coaster Client:Earlies Date:2018
Index:Prod16 Title:Storage Unit Client:Domestic Date:2018
Index:Prod15 Title:Belgrave Stool Client:Belgrave Music Hall Date:2018
Index:Prod14 Title:Analogue Clock Client:Analogue Date:2018
Index:Prod13 Title:Analogue Window Bench Client:Analogue Date:2018
Index:Prod12 Title:Hepworth Blocks Client:The Hepworth Wakefield Date:2017
Index:Prod11 Title:Home storage Client:Domestic Date:2017
Index:Prod10 Title:Home storage Client:Domestic Date:2017
Index:Prod09 Title:Home storage Client:Domestic Date:2017
Index:Prod08 Title:Home storage Client:Domestic Date:2017
Index:Prod07 Title:Crate Client:Colours May Vary Date:2017
Index:Prod06 Title:Sideboard Client:Watermark Gallery Date:2017
Index:Prod05 Title:Magazine rack Client:Colours May Vary Date:2017
Index:Prod04 Title:Store it All Client:Colours May Vary Date:2017
Index:Prod03 Title:Bricolage Block Client:Colours May Vary Date:2017
Index:Prod02 Title:Clock Client:Colours May Vary Date:2017
Index:Prod01 Title:Sideboard Client:Colours May Vary Date:2017